MPA AGM 2012 - The Report

The Music Publishers Association (MPA) held its Annual General Meeting yesterday, Wednesday 27 June 2012.


A total of 13 music publishers stood for 7 Board places. Peter Cornish (Fairwood Music (UK) Ltd), Nigel Elderton (peermusic (UK) Ltd), Ben Newing (Universal Edition (London) Ltd) and Paulette Long (Long Term Music) were all re-elected to the Board having been required to retire following determination by lot. Mark Anders (Resolution Music Ltd) was re-elected to the Board after a 12 month absence. Maria Forte (Maria Forte Music Services Ltd) and John Truelove (Truelove Music) were elected to the Board for the first time.  View full details of the MPA Board here.

Speeches to the AGM

The formal business of the AGM included reports from MPA Chairman Chris Butler, Stephen Navin (Chief Executive, MPA) and, in his capacity as Chairman of the MPA’s subsidiary company MCPS, Nigel Elderton (MD, peermusic (UK) Ltd). 

Navin in his speech encouraged MPA members to “think big”, saying: “The big prize for the publisher is to generate value for his writer and build a business that can afford to invest in talent – and we do this by applying the three levers at our disposal – education, enforcement and of course, licensing.”

In his speech, Chris Butler also referred to the value of music publishing. He suggested that in spite of the recent upward revision of the value of copyright in musical works by the Office of National Statistics that the new figure still does not capture the true value created by our songwriters and composers. “Music acts as a key driver in a number of related sectors. Device manufacturers, digital music services and internet service providers rely heavily upon music to breathe life into their products. This contribution of ours will be captured in the national accounts somewhere; it just won’t appear in the ledger under Music.”

Chris Butler also paid tribute to Jonathan Simon, former Board member of the MPA who died in April this year, “His death in April diminishes the Board, and our industry as a whole.”

Full transcripts of all speeched can be downloaded from the foot of this page.

MPA Richard Toeman Scholarship

Chris Butler presented the 2012 MPA Richard Toeman Scholarship Awards.

The annual scholarship, now in its seventh year, is designed to encourage those who are new to the business or seeking to join the business and who are committed to a career in music publishing.

This year Tamasine Leighton-Crawford, an employee of Faber Music, was the winner in the publisher category and Alexander Kelly, a Music and Entertainment Industry Graduate from the University of Hertfordshire, was the winner in the student category.

World Premiere – a film by the MPA

Wednesday also saw the first screening of the MPA’s film, “The Business of Music Publishing”. Through a series of ‘talking heads’ the film explains the vital (yet often misunderstood) role that music publishing plays in today’s music industry eco-system. The film was produced by Oliver Barron of independent production company Mrs Grey, in conjunction with Will Lines, Communications Manager at the MPA.

Referring to the film in his Chairman’s address, Chris Butler said: “The film the MPA has produced is designed to educate and enlighten, and we hope that it will be seen and understood as widely as possible. This is important for a number of reasons. Because copyright itself is under review, some would say, is under attack. Because access to finance, which can be crucial to small and medium enterprises, may depend upon a clearer understanding of the value in our businesses that cannot always be pointed out on a balance sheet. And because a generation of customers no longer takes for granted the value of the product we create.”

The film will be available to view on the MPA website from Friday 6 July 2012.

Micro-Film Festival

The AGM finished with Andrew Missingham, Director of Vision Sound Music, hosting a series of short video clips which explored the relationship between music and film.