Young Guns Network Impresses at PRS For Music

Intern Tye Hunter recalls his experiences at the Young Guns Network event at PRS Music at the end of May.

A couple of weeks ago PRS For Music hosted the Young Guns Network, a networking group created for and run by young people aged 18-25 who are working, interning or running their own business in music.  As this particular event was based around music licensing and publishing and was taking place next door at PRS For Music, I decided it would be worth popping along to meet some people and to listen to the talks that were being given.

There were brief introductions to PRS For Music and the PRS For Music Foundation, explaining what they do to help artists, songwriters and publishers, and indeed the PRS For Music Foundation used the opportunity to let the audience know of the potential funding opportunities that were available to apply for, including the recently launched Momentum Fund along with the Beyond Borders scheme.

Following this, Paulette Long (Director of Westbury MusicPRS for MusicMusic Publishers AssociationPRS for Music Foundation, and Music Business Mentors)  gave a 15-minute talk on her career, detailing how she got where she is today from doing regional press through to business affairs and royalty accounting  and right up to becoming a director of Westbury Music, giving a lasting impression of how your career can lead you to places that you never really expected to in life.


After Paulette, Louisa Rainbird, Director of Rainbird Music and Senior Music Coordinator at BSkyB ran through her many roles at Rainbird Music, illustrating the positives and negatives of running your own small publishing company with well presented slides that covered the many aspects of music publishing that a one-person operation has to cover, including administration, legal, financial and creative.  As someone considering a move towards setting up my own company, it excited and scared me in equal measure.

From two very different perspectives one theme emerged- variety.  Paulette was able to jump from one area of music publishing to another and pick up all sorts of valuable experience, while Louisa is experiencing all of that variety at once, allowing them both to keep their professional lives interesting.

After the talks, time was given for networking, which was very relaxed, very informal, and there were cheap drinks, so all in all it was an optimum networking experience! I had a chat with the guys from MPA member company Audio Network, who were all very friendly.  There was definitely an impressive level of mingling and I could see many cards being exchanged, so hopefully the seeds of some successful careers were planted that night!

All in all it’s an event I’d wholeheartedly recommend, especially if a particular event is focused around your area of expertise or areas in which you feel you need to find someone with which to work.

The next event is this Wednesday (the 19th) at MMF HQ, so you’ve missed out on tickets, but look out on the Young Guns Network’s website for details of the next event, I’ll definitely be going if I can wrangle a ticket.